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My CPMD Vote

In the end BBBP is too much for  DL to handle. BBBP Wins.     
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Most Intriguing Expiring Contracts

1.     Tracy McGrady:  With a little over 23 million coming off the books Houston is looking to cash in big time for this deal.  His playing days in Houston will most likely be numbered, especially since Adelman and him don’t see eye to eye on playing time.  Possible suitors include; New York, New Jersey, and Cleveland

2.     Jermaine O’Neal:  23 million dollars, yet again.  I’m not sure how Miami will play this.  I haven’t heard any murmurs of trade possibilities but the contract speaks for itself.  With Miami at 16-12 do they think they can make a run for the championship with the current squad intact?

3.     Shaquille O’Neal: 20 million dollars… No chance he is going anywhere.  The size he brings is what the doctor ordered for Cleveland.

4.     Zydrunas Illgauskas:  11.5 million.  The Cavs have been shopping Z’s contract since signing Shaq.  They are looking for a pure scorer or a flex PF.  If they stay on their hot streak don’t expect to see a move happen.  If they start to stumble say adios to Big Z.

5.     Kenny Thomas: 8.5 million.  If the Kings want to make any kind of push they should trade him.  He is a decent player but not an 8.5 mill kind of guy.  They should be able to pick up something of nice return for him.

6.     Knicks:  Not even mentioning all their players by name.  They are going after LeBron hard this offseason, no surprise there.

7.     Mike Miller: 9.75 mill.  The Wizards are playing horrible this year, Miller has been injured though.  Why not pick up a game that plays some defense? Enough teams would want a white guy who plays decent.

8.     New Jersey Nets:  See Knicks. 

9.     Marcus Camby: 7.65 million If a team needs a big man who can do a little of everything they should look at Camby.  The Clippers have said they don’t want to trade him so he can continue to mentor Griffin but if the right offer came along…

10.   Quentin Richardson: 9.3 million.  He has been playing decent this year, but wasn’t worth the money.  His contract was part of a hot potato game this offseason, will he stay or will he go?

11.    Chris Bosh: 15.5 million.  He won't resign with the Raptors.  Now we have to see if the front office is smart enough to make a move and get some value for him.  Chicago, here is your chance.

Not included: LeBron, D-Wade, ect… 

The list is in no order, just numbered as I thought of them.


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25 Reasons Basketball is Better than Football

Sircheeks wrote a blog of 25 Reasons that Football is better than Baseball (can't argue with that can you say boring?).  So I decided to make a list of 25 Reasons that basketball is better than football. 

Sircheeks Blog:

1.        Michael Jordan…

2.       The Slam Dunk Competition, there is no equivalent in football.

3.       You can celebrate a nice play without getting an unsportsmanlike penalty.

4.       There are 82 games a year to watch your team.  In football you have to wait until Sunday or Monday to watch only 16 games.

5.       Celtics Lakers rivalry, They’ve met 11 times in finals history. 

6.       Don’t even need a basketball to play, can play with a pair of socks and a trash can.

7.       There is a limit of 6 fouls per player, unlike football where you can foul a person every play if you want.

8.       Bulls vs Celtics, Syracuse vs UConn, name a better game in football this last year.  You can’t.

9.       Everyone across the world plays it, football is purely an American game.

10.   You don’t have to buy expensive pads and equipment to play basketball, just a pair of shoes.

11.   Pacman Jones and Michael Vick, not exactly model citizens.

12.    Charles Barkley, yep I said it.

13.    There are big time trades almost every year to keep things interesting.

14.   Games are indoors, fans don’t have to sit in snow to enjoy the game.

15.   March Madness, best month of the year

16.   It is an Olympic sport, Dream Team! Redeem Team!

17.   Mismatches can be exploited easily

18.   There is no Brett Farve to deal with.

19.   Playing horse, tricks shots off the wall, over the backboard, whatever floats your boat.  Football you can umm…run with it or throw it.

20.   Fun gimmicks like free tacos (Staples Center) if the home team wins and other team doesn’t get over 100 points.  Free food is always a plus.

21.   Hack a Shaq, where else can you watch a 7’ beast miss shot, after shot, after shot…

22.   The crossover, done correctly the defender falls over without even being touched, that is scary.

23.   Basketball was invented by a Canadian and they have maple syrup. 

24.   Who needs a two minute warning, are football players so dumb they can’t read the clock? If you need a break call a timeout.

25.   Lastly there is no “tackling” in basketball, way too much male touching going on.

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The Rejuvenation of a City

The Rejuvenation of a City.  That is what the newest; “The Shot” should be called.  There is no need to piggyback off of Jordan’s amazing shot over Ehlo, or Fishers shot with .4 seconds left.  This is all about LeBron, the Cavaliers, and the city of Cleveland.

After Hedo Turkoglu put the Magic up by 2 with only 1 second left on the clock, memories rushed through my head and through the head of all long time Cleveland sport fans.  Did we really just witness another devastating loss?  Not only did we have the game in hand with a 23 point lead, but we have our strongest lineup ever.  Yes, even better than the lineup which featured Daugherty, Price, Harper, etc…

When Hedo made that shot and they showed the little boy with his hands on his head ,all I could think about was being his age and doing the exact same thing when “The Blown Save” happened.  Actually I sat there in the same pose as that little boy, just astonished, I didn’t know what to do with myself.  Ah, yes, but I forgot about one thing, one person I should say…LeBron James. 

LeBron knows the history of Cleveland sport teams; he doesn’t want to be known as part of, “The Lead That Got Away”.  It was LeBron time; we weren’t sure what play was going to be called, but there was one thing we all knew for sure, LeBron was going to get the ball.  He goes into Hedo’s body trying to go in for the lob but Hedo wasn’t going to let that happen.  You could see every Cavs fan’s eyes get bigger.  LeBron bounces back towards the three point line, Mo sees him and lets the pass go, LeBron catches it, turns and fires from 23 feet…the ball stayed in the air for a minute, a day, a year even, that is what it felt like for Cleveland fans all over the world.  It hit the back of the rim and went in!!!!!!!!!! Pandemonium ERUPTS!!!!!!!!

There was not going to be a letdown by a team led by LeBron James, he wasn’t going to let history repeat itself.  “The Rejuvenation of a City” just happened, it isn’t catchy, it sure isn’t quick to say, but it is exactly what happened last night when LeBron made the shot. 

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Cavs Have A Quality Win!

Yes that is right.  There has been so much talk about how the Cavs haven’t beaten a decent team.  There is so much hating going on even though it is the Christmas season.  They beat the Denver Nuggets last night in convincing fashion.  Not only was it a 17 point victory but we shut down their main scoring options.  I mean look at the box score, Billups was their highest scorer with 16 points.  Melo only had 13 points on 5-14 shooting.  Did I mention that their starting backcourt was held to only 9 points?

Coaching:  Last night on ESPN the announcer said something interesting.  He said that Mike Brown had said that since he knew the team could play defense they were just paying attention to the offensive sets.  Mike Brown seems to have finally found some common sense.  I’ve never fully agreed with what he has done as a coach but I applaud him.  He figured out that if he focused on the offensive side of the ball (our weakness) it would improve the team greatly.  Nice job Mike Brown.  It is nice to see players hit open shots.  It is even nicer to see the offense run through Z.

Player of the Week:  This week it is an easy choice, Delonte West.  He put up 21 points on Wednesday night and another 22 points Friday night.  He has been nailing wide open shots, not to mention throwing down some ridiculous dunks and layups.  He also has the uncanny ability to find LeBron on the fast break for alley-oops.  With him and Mo Williams starting in the back court the team has two of the better sharp shooters in the league.

Main Point of the Week:  The Cavs used to lose all momentum when LeBron would get a breather.  It is so nice to see them actually gain momentum when he is out of the game.  Half of the time Mike Brown doesn’t put LeBron back into the game because of the solidarity and skill of the non-LeBron unit.  It is nice to know that LeBron is there to take over a game when it is needed but even better to know that the other guys can pull their own weight.

Favorite LeBron moment:  How can a guy look like he is barely moving make it the full length of the court in 4.4 seconds and get a foul, to finish it all off he makes the foul shot.

Upcoming Schedule: Well we end a 4 game road trip against OKC on Sunday.  This team has a lot of young talent they just need some time to get it together.  That being said the Cavs should easily demolish them.  That being said, hopefully there isn’t a letdown after the Denver game. They could also look past OKC to Houston on Tuesday.

So Houston on Tuesday, yet another quality win just waiting to happen.  Can you imagine if the Cavs win that game?  2 quality wins in 3 games, absolutely amazing.  The Cavs match up quite well with the Rockets except at the sg position.  Tracy McGrady is one of those bigger guards that Delonte West may have some trouble guarding.  I see the Cavs letting McGrady get his but limit the offensive input by others.  Yao Ming is always a threat but he will be guarded by a 7’3” beast in Z, one of the tallest centers he has to face each year.  I give this one to the Cavs, it is a home game.

On Christmas the Cavs face their favorite playoff opponent as of late, the Washington Wizards.  Butler and Jamison are the only two real threats for the Wizards.  This should be a cake walk for the Cavs but the Wizards shouldn’t be taken lightly.  They have to still be upset about the constant destruction of their team by the hand of the Cavs and LeBron.  DeShawn Stevenson can you see the Cavs now?

3-0 Christmas present for all Cavalier fans this week.

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You Win Some and You Lose One

Well you can’t win them all.  Sadly my prediction of going 3-1 last week was correct, big ups to Atlanta who controlled almost the entire game.  We finally have some things to work on after the last two games of the week.  Defensive intensity and rotation on defense.

There was absolutely no hustle on defense Saturday night except for a minute here or there.  Guys would double team 5 feet past the 3 point line and no one would rotate to them open man.  Mike Bibby hit a handful of open looks, and luckily missed some too.  When we go into the playoffs if a man is wide open he is going to hit the shot, it is almost guaranteed.  This all is being said without two of our players in the lineup.  Daniel Gibson and Zydrunas Ilgauskas both were out with injury.  Nothing makes the Cavs more pumped then a Gibson 3 or a Z tip in. (Yes I know LeBron makes us more pumped but still).

I'm also not happy with the ball movement come the last 5-6 minutes in the fourth quarter.  LeBron becomes point again and tried to dictate everything that happens.  Give the ball to Mo Williams and let him do what he does the entire game.  Keep the ball moving, don't stop and watch LeBron.  Come On!

Records That Were Broken:  Congrats to Big Z for becoming the all time rebounder in Cavalier history.   He has fought through injury, doubt, and all other ups and downs with this franchise for the last 11 years.  If anyone deserves to have their number retired it is definitely him.  LeBron also set the record for steals in the same night.  He will most likely hold most Cavalier records if he stays with us his entire career.

Player of the Week:  It is finally time for LeBron to get the nod.  Not only did he single handedly keep the Cavs in the game Saturday at some points but he put up solid numbers the entire week.  When you average 30.25ppg, 5.5rbs, and 6.5 assists for a week it isn’t too shabby.

Favorite LeBron Moment:  It has got to be when he blocked Andre Miller’s dunk Friday night.  Andre Miller had the ball in his hands in the cylinder and LeBron pretty much ripped the ball out of the hoop.  Apparently it is a block since Andre Miller was dunking it, in any other circumstance it would have been goal tending.

Upcoming Schedule:  There are two games slated for this week; Tuesday night at Minnesota, and Friday night at Denver.  Minnesota should be a cake walk for the Cavs no doubt about that.  They still put up a good fight though and shouldn’t be underestimated.  There will be too much Cavs to handle and we should win by double digits.

Friday night should be a fun night, it will help to gauge where the Cavs are at this point in the season.  The Nuggets have been playing excellent since acquiring Chauncey Billups from Detroit. They are an athletic team who loves to run and get pumped by their crowd.  I see this being a close game and going either way.  I would love to have a quality road win against them.

I have faith in the Cavs this week, they will pull out 2-0 with Denver barely losing.

*sorry for the shortness of the blog it is finals week*

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So Many Wins so Little Time

Another week finished and zero losses added to the loss column.  I don’t expect us to running through opponents the way we have been but it sure has been nice to watch.  Everyone is getting playing time and getting familiar with the style of play Coach Brown expects.

I am really excited with the playing time of our two young bigs, J.J. Hickson, and Darnell Jackson.  Many people disagree with me about the possible numbers that Hickson can put up so far he is showing that he can do many things on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.  He has swatted away numerous easy shots; following this he would run the floor for an easy dunk.  Darnell Jackson has showed that he can hit jump shots outside the pain.  They are still young and raw but the future looks promising for both of these guys.

Player of the Week:  I am going with Daniel Gibson this week.  He put up 13, 14, and 22 points last week.  He showed a huge improvement from his early shooting slump.  Maybe the 22 point game is going to get him going and he can continue this type of play.

Favorite LeBron moment:  I call this a team unity moment:  Danny Granger fouls LeBron and Big Z comes and pushes Murphy.  Look at all the Cavs right there ready to back each other up.

Interesting Trend:  Blowing out opponents.  Yes they are inferior teams and should be taken out accordingly.  In the past the Cavs would have lost a game this last week and all the Cav haters would be saying they need to pick it up and not lose against such crappy opponents.  Instead we have people saying Cavs are beating crappy teams by 20 some points and it doesn’t matter.  I guess I would rather have the later then the former.

Upcoming Schedule: Now we are starting to get into a little bit of a rougher schedule.  It is about time.  Tuesday night we go against Toronto.  Their record doesn’t indicate the real skill they have.  It is a home game so I expect us to win by a decent margin.  Wednesday night we are at Philadelphia.  They are a young team who has something to prove and wouldn’t mind doing it against the Cavs. Friday night we host Philly; if we win Wednesday they will be looking for revenge, or vice versa.  Saturday night we are at Atlanta.  At first I was worried about this game and it being our fourth in five nights.  Then I looked at their schedule; they have the same schedule except their other 3 games are away.  They will be tired but looking to redeem themselves after losing against the Cavs earlier in the season.

I expect a loss this week.  I see Philly being able to pull one out if they bring their A game.  3-1 or 4-0 this week.

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Yet another Week in Review

Yet another solid week by the Cavs.  When I say solid I mean 4-0.  This years Cav’s team looks like a legitimate title contender.  Last year they would have gone 2-2 last week with some difficulty.  This year everyone is getting in on the scoring and the defense has been tight as well.  We are sitting at 14-3 with a 9-0 home record, which in and by itself is impressive.

Talking about impressive certain individuals have been saying where are the Cavs impressive wins, who have we beaten?  I think this is a nice time to answer that.  All three of our losses have been against playoff teams of last year.  Actually all three of the teams we have lost to were in the conference championships.  Last year we would be sitting at maybe 10-7 with the current schedule, that shows how much we have grown since then.  Just because the Cavs are starting off with an easy schedule doesn’t mean that their wins aren’t impressive.

Main Point of the Week:  One nice thing about having blowout victories is being able to rest our key players.  LeBron did not see action in the fourth quarter of the first two games of the week, neither did Big Z or Ben Wallace.  Being able to rest these guys will help us down the stretch.

Player of the Week:  For the second straight week it has to be Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  He scored double digits in all four games and 20+ points in two of them.  Not to mention grabbing 17 boards against Milwaukee on Saturday night.

Favorite LeBron Moment:  I honestly think ESPN should just take one minute a week and show highlights of LeBron and call it the LeBron Show.  There were so many blocks and alley oops to choose from this week.  I am going to mix it up this week with this clip,  it isn’t LeBron but the new Nike commercial.  Definitely one of my current favorite commercials, not to mention Nike is where it’s at.  Or if you have to have a LeBron clip here is one of his blocks.

Interesting Trend:  LeBron not scoring a billion points a game and the Cavs still winning.  Who ever would have thought that something like that was ever possible?  Currently D-Wade has the highest ppg and has been ripping it up.  I have a feeling this two guys could play on the same team later on in their careers to win a few more championships.

Upcoming Schedule:  Yet another fun week to be a Cavalier fan.  We start off our week on Wednesday by playing New York.  The fun thing about playing New York is that they play a youthful Portland team the night before.  The trade seems to be working for them though so don’t expect a blowout like before.

Friday night Indiana comes into town which means another showdown between Danny Granger and LeBron.  I hope neither of them forgot how the last game ended. I expect them to be pretty beat up and tired going into this game.  Indiana plays the Lakers, Celtics, then Cavs this week.  Talk about a rough schedule, someone must hate them.

Last but not least it is an away game at Charlotte.  Charlotte has been showing some major improvements this year but I still expect the Cavs to completely run them over.

Prediction for the Week:  3-0  Yep, I just don’t see a loss, it could happen but probably won’t.

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