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Posted on: November 16, 2008 4:54 pm

Cavaliers on a Roll: Week 3 in Review

Earlier this week I criticized the backcourt of the Cavs especially Mo Williams, Daniel Gibson, and Wally Szczerbiak. They seemed to listen and decided to show up to the next game then Daniel Gibson and Wally decided to fall asleep again.  There is always the one solid piece in LeBron but the other guys are showing that they don’t want to be LeBron’s excuse anymore.  Everyone is playing to their potential this year except the 3 point assassins. In order for the Cavs to go somewhere one of these two guys is going to have to become consistent.

Most of you are probably reading this thinking when is he going to mention the winning streak.  I didn’t want to start off with 7 GAME WINNING STREAK!!!  If you were expecting it there it is.  A solid seven game winning streak by the Cavs, none of the victories have been close enough to make me nervous but the game play against Milwaukee was less than stellar.  That ties them with the Lakers for longest winning streak of the young season, the Lakers win streak is over but the Cavs win streak has just begun.

Main Point of the week:  LeBron getting easy baskets with the new offense in place.  When I say new offense I am talking about the cohesiveness of the unit with the addition of Mo Williams.

Player of the Week:  Mo Williams, it was a close decision between him and LeBron but I expect the numbers LeBron puts up.  Mo Williams had a great week putting up 16, 24, and 18 points.  Not to mention an average of 5 assists per game.  More important than the numbers he spreads the floor for the team and gives open looks for LeBron which used to be unheard of.  The most important part of Mo Williams game is his ability to lead the Cavs when LeBron is off the floor which has been the major weakness of the Cavs since LeBron has been on the team.

Favorite LeBron moment: I guess we can go with the alley-oop pass from Delonte West to LeBron against Denver. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNdovSBAABQ   A close second would be LeBron flying http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQtZS-vF0bc&feature=related   I have a third favorite too, LeBron face checking Carmelo and accidently bopping him on the head which he got called for a foul on.

Interesting Trend: The 10 man rotation for Cavs.  Early in the season Mike Brown only used an eight man rotation and it worked okay for them.  Since then he has added J.J. Hickson and Sasha Pavlovic to the rotation which has resulted in a huge winning streak.  Keeping the big men fresh has been key, Hickson needs to keep improving day in and day out.  Sasha coming in has been nice too, his defense has looked solid as of late which put him back in the good graces of Mike Brown.

Upcoming Schedule:  This is one of those weeks where you see what your team is made of.  The Cavs start the week off Tuesday night playing back to back away games at New Jersey and at Detroit. They finish off the week Saturday night against a hot start Atlanta Hawks team that is cooling off fast.

New Jersey is a trap game for the Cavs especially seeing how Detroit is the following night.  Devin Harris has looked like an all-star this year averaging 23ppg. Vince Carter is Vince Carter and should never be underestimated.  Looking at the rest of the Nets there is no real threat there.  Yi Jianlian will not be able to guard LeBron or even try to guard LeBron. That means they will either have Vince Carter (no defense) try and guard him or double team him.  The way the Cavs have been shooting an open look for anyone is going to be either 2 or 3 points.  Could be a close one but I see the Cavs pulling away.

Now to what I’ve been waiting for since the season started.  The first showdown of Central Division powers.  I could honestly write a few pages about the Pistons, I have the utmost respect for them and their players.  On that note I would like to see nothing more than a blowout victory.  With Allen Iverson as the new point guard with this team they looked unstoppable against the Lakers on Friday.  Rasheed Wallace has looked like he actually cares about the game.  Tayshaun Prince thought awkward looks relatively at ease with his new position.  The young guns for the team are dangerous and can contribute at the blink of an eye.

You really have to throw stats out the window when these two teams go at it, someone can show up and destroy the other team or someone won’t show up at all.  I can see it going either way to be honest but I do see it being a higher scoring affair.

The last game of the week against the Hawks worries me.  Joe Johnson is the kind of guy who can shred our smaller backcourt.  I see Sasha getting a little more playing time to try and shut him down.  With a young team like the Hawks they will show heart and energy unlike any other team.  It should be fun to watch.

My predictions for the week:  2-1 Cavs.  I see them winning against New Jersey and pulling out a close one against Detroit. I can see a potential loss against Atlanta especially after their first back to back away games of the week.

PIstons BLOW!!!

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