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Posted on: November 8, 2008 1:35 am

Don't Poke The Bear

Especially if the bear is LeBron James.  What were you thinking Danny Granger?  This is your breakout year and you definitely have talent but talking smack to LeBron?  Seriously?  With the game on the line you start jawing at him before he steps to the foul line.  LeBron is notoriously a poor free throw shooter even more so late in games so why would you make him mad.  Tell me Danny Granger I would like an explanation, all the Pacer fans would probably like one too.  Just let LeBron walk up to the line and do his thing without saying anything, there is a large chance he would miss one of his shots and you be down 104-110 not 111.

But no you go and run your mouth and guess what you get.  That’s right LeBron sinks the first one and just smiles at you.  He gives you the, “That is right I just had fun with your wife in your bed now I’m wearing your drawers look.”  You get upset and start talking more smack…we know what happens next LeBron makes the shot and just smiles while looking at you.  Guess what happens after the free throws, your team has a breakaway layup and Mr. LeBron James (you have to call him Mr. now since he is your daddy) swats it away.  Game. Set. Match.

Learn your lesson, DO NOT POKE THE BEAR…unless you want the bear to beat your team.

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