Posted on: November 10, 2008 5:05 pm

Cavs Week 2 Review

All I have to say is wow.  Nothing else really needs to be said.  Previously this week I had said the Cavs need to win the games they are supposed to and should win every game this week.  They did just that finishing off the week at 4-0 with a 5-2 overall record.  Their only 2 losses so far this season have been to Boston and New Orleans both title contenders.

This week has been about consistency for the Cavs.  They scored at least 20 points each quarter which is amazing for them.  Every game they used to usually have one bad quarter (usually the third) but have been keeping the offensive intensity up every quarter.  They averaged 106 points this week while giving up 94.5 points a game.

The only thing that worries me is the look of lack of ability to hold large leads.  Against Dallas Cleveland was up by 15 before they coughed it up.  It took a huge fourth quarter to blow them out by 19 points.  Cleveland should have won that game by 30 or more.  Both games against Chicago saw large leads dwindle but in both cases the Cavs hung on.  On Wednesday they played a consistent game and slowly pulled away.  On Friday the Pacers tried to show some swagger and were shut down by the in game intensity by Anderson Varejao and LeBron. Saturday night the Bulls wanted redemption from their defeat earlier in the week.  The Cavs were up by 9 before the Bulls turned the tide and were up by 14 midway through the second quarter.  In the beginning of the fourth the Cavs slowly chipped away at a 7 point deficit before gaining a solid lead.   Once again the Bulls started roaring back before Daniel “Boobie” Gibson put in a 3 and made a driving layup.  After this the Bulls pulled within 2 just to be answered by back to back 3’s by the King.

The main point of this week seemed to be, bend but not break.  They gave up huge leads but fought back to win each game.

Player of the week:  Anderson Varejao: He has been the man off of the bench.  He scored a personal best 18 points Friday night against the Pacers, even getting a key steal and dunk to change the tide of the game.

Favorite LeBron Moment:  So many to choose from as always.  It has to be him destroying Loul Deng right before halftime with a vicious dunk.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcD6PYzUesM Close second would be him humiliating Danny Granger.

Interesting Trend:  Ben Wallace did not score a point for 3 straight games before pouring in 7 points Saturday night. (Thanks to TheSkins for pointing that out)

Upcoming Schedule:   It could be a tough week for the Cavs.  First they face Milwaukee who will hopefully not be overlooked.  Especially with Denver and Utah on the schedule later in the week.  Michael Redd will be back in the lineup after a mild ankle sprain, he was a killer last year versus the Cavs hitting a game winning 3 pointer to win one of the games.  Richard Jefferson also has been on fire as of late. (Made me lose my fantasy game for the week.)  Next up is the new look Nuggets.  The Nuggets have had the Cavs number since Carmelo and LeBron entered the league.  J.R Smith was an absolute assassin from 3 point land last year and hopefully doesn’t start up where he left off. The last game of the week is against Utah who is 5-1 without Deron Williams.  Deron is listed as questionable for the game which is a good thing for us. Another note which has to be included is the Cavs are home this entire week which means no traveling!

Tuesday:Milwaukee @ Cleveland

Thursday: Denver @ Cleveland

Satuday: Utah @ Cleveland

My prediction for the week is a 2-1 mark.  I see us winning at Milwaukee and pulling out one of the games against the West, most likely Utah.  If Denver doesn’t get into their transition game it could even be 3-0.

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