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Most Intriguing Expiring Contracts

1.     Tracy McGrady:  With a little over 23 million coming off the books Houston is looking to cash in big time for this deal.  His playing days in Houston will most likely be numbered, especially since Adelman and him don’t see eye to eye on playing time.  Possible suitors include; New York, New Jersey, and Cleveland

2.     Jermaine O’Neal:  23 million dollars, yet again.  I’m not sure how Miami will play this.  I haven’t heard any murmurs of trade possibilities but the contract speaks for itself.  With Miami at 16-12 do they think they can make a run for the championship with the current squad intact?

3.     Shaquille O’Neal: 20 million dollars… No chance he is going anywhere.  The size he brings is what the doctor ordered for Cleveland.

4.     Zydrunas Illgauskas:  11.5 million.  The Cavs have been shopping Z’s contract since signing Shaq.  They are looking for a pure scorer or a flex PF.  If they stay on their hot streak don’t expect to see a move happen.  If they start to stumble say adios to Big Z.

5.     Kenny Thomas: 8.5 million.  If the Kings want to make any kind of push they should trade him.  He is a decent player but not an 8.5 mill kind of guy.  They should be able to pick up something of nice return for him.

6.     Knicks:  Not even mentioning all their players by name.  They are going after LeBron hard this offseason, no surprise there.

7.     Mike Miller: 9.75 mill.  The Wizards are playing horrible this year, Miller has been injured though.  Why not pick up a game that plays some defense? Enough teams would want a white guy who plays decent.

8.     New Jersey Nets:  See Knicks. 

9.     Marcus Camby: 7.65 million If a team needs a big man who can do a little of everything they should look at Camby.  The Clippers have said they don’t want to trade him so he can continue to mentor Griffin but if the right offer came along…

10.   Quentin Richardson: 9.3 million.  He has been playing decent this year, but wasn’t worth the money.  His contract was part of a hot potato game this offseason, will he stay or will he go?

11.    Chris Bosh: 15.5 million.  He won't resign with the Raptors.  Now we have to see if the front office is smart enough to make a move and get some value for him.  Chicago, here is your chance.

Not included: LeBron, D-Wade, ect… 

The list is in no order, just numbered as I thought of them.


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Cavs Have A Quality Win!

Yes that is right.  There has been so much talk about how the Cavs haven’t beaten a decent team.  There is so much hating going on even though it is the Christmas season.  They beat the Denver Nuggets last night in convincing fashion.  Not only was it a 17 point victory but we shut down their main scoring options.  I mean look at the box score, Billups was their highest scorer with 16 points.  Melo only had 13 points on 5-14 shooting.  Did I mention that their starting backcourt was held to only 9 points?

Coaching:  Last night on ESPN the announcer said something interesting.  He said that Mike Brown had said that since he knew the team could play defense they were just paying attention to the offensive sets.  Mike Brown seems to have finally found some common sense.  I’ve never fully agreed with what he has done as a coach but I applaud him.  He figured out that if he focused on the offensive side of the ball (our weakness) it would improve the team greatly.  Nice job Mike Brown.  It is nice to see players hit open shots.  It is even nicer to see the offense run through Z.

Player of the Week:  This week it is an easy choice, Delonte West.  He put up 21 points on Wednesday night and another 22 points Friday night.  He has been nailing wide open shots, not to mention throwing down some ridiculous dunks and layups.  He also has the uncanny ability to find LeBron on the fast break for alley-oops.  With him and Mo Williams starting in the back court the team has two of the better sharp shooters in the league.

Main Point of the Week:  The Cavs used to lose all momentum when LeBron would get a breather.  It is so nice to see them actually gain momentum when he is out of the game.  Half of the time Mike Brown doesn’t put LeBron back into the game because of the solidarity and skill of the non-LeBron unit.  It is nice to know that LeBron is there to take over a game when it is needed but even better to know that the other guys can pull their own weight.

Favorite LeBron moment:  How can a guy look like he is barely moving make it the full length of the court in 4.4 seconds and get a foul, to finish it all off he makes the foul shot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXfklIWVuro

Upcoming Schedule: Well we end a 4 game road trip against OKC on Sunday.  This team has a lot of young talent they just need some time to get it together.  That being said the Cavs should easily demolish them.  That being said, hopefully there isn’t a letdown after the Denver game. They could also look past OKC to Houston on Tuesday.

So Houston on Tuesday, yet another quality win just waiting to happen.  Can you imagine if the Cavs win that game?  2 quality wins in 3 games, absolutely amazing.  The Cavs match up quite well with the Rockets except at the sg position.  Tracy McGrady is one of those bigger guards that Delonte West may have some trouble guarding.  I see the Cavs letting McGrady get his but limit the offensive input by others.  Yao Ming is always a threat but he will be guarded by a 7’3” beast in Z, one of the tallest centers he has to face each year.  I give this one to the Cavs, it is a home game.

On Christmas the Cavs face their favorite playoff opponent as of late, the Washington Wizards.  Butler and Jamison are the only two real threats for the Wizards.  This should be a cake walk for the Cavs but the Wizards shouldn’t be taken lightly.  They have to still be upset about the constant destruction of their team by the hand of the Cavs and LeBron.  DeShawn Stevenson can you see the Cavs now?

3-0 Christmas present for all Cavalier fans this week.

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