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Posted on: May 23, 2009 4:51 pm

The Rejuvenation of a City

The Rejuvenation of a City.  That is what the newest; “The Shot” should be called.  There is no need to piggyback off of Jordan’s amazing shot over Ehlo, or Fishers shot with .4 seconds left.  This is all about LeBron, the Cavaliers, and the city of Cleveland.

After Hedo Turkoglu put the Magic up by 2 with only 1 second left on the clock, memories rushed through my head and through the head of all long time Cleveland sport fans.  Did we really just witness another devastating loss?  Not only did we have the game in hand with a 23 point lead, but we have our strongest lineup ever.  Yes, even better than the lineup which featured Daugherty, Price, Harper, etc…

When Hedo made that shot and they showed the little boy with his hands on his head ,all I could think about was being his age and doing the exact same thing when “The Blown Save” happened.  Actually I sat there in the same pose as that little boy, just astonished, I didn’t know what to do with myself.  Ah, yes, but I forgot about one thing, one person I should say…LeBron James. 

LeBron knows the history of Cleveland sport teams; he doesn’t want to be known as part of, “The Lead That Got Away”.  It was LeBron time; we weren’t sure what play was going to be called, but there was one thing we all knew for sure, LeBron was going to get the ball.  He goes into Hedo’s body trying to go in for the lob but Hedo wasn’t going to let that happen.  You could see every Cavs fan’s eyes get bigger.  LeBron bounces back towards the three point line, Mo sees him and lets the pass go, LeBron catches it, turns and fires from 23 feet…the ball stayed in the air for a minute, a day, a year even, that is what it felt like for Cleveland fans all over the world.  It hit the back of the rim and went in!!!!!!!!!! Pandemonium ERUPTS!!!!!!!!

There was not going to be a letdown by a team led by LeBron James, he wasn’t going to let history repeat itself.  “The Rejuvenation of a City” just happened, it isn’t catchy, it sure isn’t quick to say, but it is exactly what happened last night when LeBron made the shot. 

Posted on: November 12, 2008 4:11 pm

Cavaliers of New, Look Like Cavaliers of Old

Last night the Cavs beat Milwaukee 99-93 but something just did not sit right with me.  LeBron scored 41 points on 16-24 shooting so that was well within his normal shot selection.  What was it?  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, until I glanced at the box score.  If you take LeBron out of the stats the rest of the team shot 39.5% on 19 from 48 from the field.  This will not get it done against teams of higher caliber.  If you add LeBron into the stats then they were 35-72 for 48.6%.

Breaking it down if you look at the front court they are doing their part of the scoring.  Z shot 6 for 10 and put up his usual average of about 15 points per game.  Looking at Ben Wallace…0-3 not going to comment on that, he isn’t supposed to score.  As per Anderson Varejao, another nice effort off of the bench shooting 5-5.  J.J. Hickson also put up one shot which was blocked easily by the opposing defender. Together they shot a combined 11-19 for a shooting percentage of 57.9%.

Looking at the back court is a whole different ball game.  Delonte West was the only bright spot from these guys putting up 11 points on 5 of 7 shooting.  Mo Williams did not look too comfortable last night going 3-11 from the field.  The sharpshooters for the team (Wally Szcerbiak and Daniel Gibson) shot a combined 0-11 for 27.6%.

It turned into the LeBron show as usual.  As seen in the playoffs last year against Boston this will just not get it done.  What happens when LeBron gets double teamed and one of our players can’t hit a wide open shot?  If this continues to occur I see the Cavs sputtering in the playoffs against a defensive minded team.  On the plus side Anderson Varejao seems to love the amount of playing time he is getting.  He has been a pleasant surprise so far.

LeBron apparently weighs 275lbs and is 6’9” according to one of the reporters on ESPN’s Coast 2 Coast.  Talk about a big boy.

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Posted on: November 8, 2008 1:35 am

Don't Poke The Bear

Especially if the bear is LeBron James.  What were you thinking Danny Granger?  This is your breakout year and you definitely have talent but talking smack to LeBron?  Seriously?  With the game on the line you start jawing at him before he steps to the foul line.  LeBron is notoriously a poor free throw shooter even more so late in games so why would you make him mad.  Tell me Danny Granger I would like an explanation, all the Pacer fans would probably like one too.  Just let LeBron walk up to the line and do his thing without saying anything, there is a large chance he would miss one of his shots and you be down 104-110 not 111.

But no you go and run your mouth and guess what you get.  That’s right LeBron sinks the first one and just smiles at you.  He gives you the, “That is right I just had fun with your wife in your bed now I’m wearing your drawers look.”  You get upset and start talking more smack…we know what happens next LeBron makes the shot and just smiles while looking at you.  Guess what happens after the free throws, your team has a breakaway layup and Mr. LeBron James (you have to call him Mr. now since he is your daddy) swats it away.  Game. Set. Match.

Learn your lesson, DO NOT POKE THE BEAR…unless you want the bear to beat your team.

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