Posted on: July 17, 2009 6:47 pm

25 Reasons Basketball is Better than Football

Sircheeks wrote a blog of 25 Reasons that Football is better than Baseball (can't argue with that can you say boring?).  So I decided to make a list of 25 Reasons that basketball is better than football. 

Sircheeks Blog: http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/

1.        Michael Jordan…

2.       The Slam Dunk Competition, there is no equivalent in football.

3.       You can celebrate a nice play without getting an unsportsmanlike penalty.

4.       There are 82 games a year to watch your team.  In football you have to wait until Sunday or Monday to watch only 16 games.

5.       Celtics Lakers rivalry, They’ve met 11 times in finals history. 

6.       Don’t even need a basketball to play, can play with a pair of socks and a trash can.

7.       There is a limit of 6 fouls per player, unlike football where you can foul a person every play if you want.

8.       Bulls vs Celtics, Syracuse vs UConn, name a better game in football this last year.  You can’t.

9.       Everyone across the world plays it, football is purely an American game.

10.   You don’t have to buy expensive pads and equipment to play basketball, just a pair of shoes.

11.   Pacman Jones and Michael Vick, not exactly model citizens.

12.    Charles Barkley, yep I said it.

13.    There are big time trades almost every year to keep things interesting.

14.   Games are indoors, fans don’t have to sit in snow to enjoy the game.

15.   March Madness, best month of the year

16.   It is an Olympic sport, Dream Team! Redeem Team!

17.   Mismatches can be exploited easily

18.   There is no Brett Farve to deal with.

19.   Playing horse, tricks shots off the wall, over the backboard, whatever floats your boat.  Football you can umm…run with it or throw it.

20.   Fun gimmicks like free tacos (Staples Center) if the home team wins and other team doesn’t get over 100 points.  Free food is always a plus.

21.   Hack a Shaq, where else can you watch a 7’ beast miss shot, after shot, after shot…

22.   The crossover, done correctly the defender falls over without even being touched, that is scary.

23.   Basketball was invented by a Canadian and they have maple syrup. 

24.   Who needs a two minute warning, are football players so dumb they can’t read the clock? If you need a break call a timeout.

25.   Lastly there is no “tackling” in basketball, way too much male touching going on.

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