Posted on: December 28, 2009 6:28 pm

Most Intriguing Expiring Contracts

1.     Tracy McGrady:  With a little over 23 million coming off the books Houston is looking to cash in big time for this deal.  His playing days in Houston will most likely be numbered, especially since Adelman and him don’t see eye to eye on playing time.  Possible suitors include; New York, New Jersey, and Cleveland

2.     Jermaine O’Neal:  23 million dollars, yet again.  I’m not sure how Miami will play this.  I haven’t heard any murmurs of trade possibilities but the contract speaks for itself.  With Miami at 16-12 do they think they can make a run for the championship with the current squad intact?

3.     Shaquille O’Neal: 20 million dollars… No chance he is going anywhere.  The size he brings is what the doctor ordered for Cleveland.

4.     Zydrunas Illgauskas:  11.5 million.  The Cavs have been shopping Z’s contract since signing Shaq.  They are looking for a pure scorer or a flex PF.  If they stay on their hot streak don’t expect to see a move happen.  If they start to stumble say adios to Big Z.

5.     Kenny Thomas: 8.5 million.  If the Kings want to make any kind of push they should trade him.  He is a decent player but not an 8.5 mill kind of guy.  They should be able to pick up something of nice return for him.

6.     Knicks:  Not even mentioning all their players by name.  They are going after LeBron hard this offseason, no surprise there.

7.     Mike Miller: 9.75 mill.  The Wizards are playing horrible this year, Miller has been injured though.  Why not pick up a game that plays some defense? Enough teams would want a white guy who plays decent.

8.     New Jersey Nets:  See Knicks. 

9.     Marcus Camby: 7.65 million If a team needs a big man who can do a little of everything they should look at Camby.  The Clippers have said they don’t want to trade him so he can continue to mentor Griffin but if the right offer came along…

10.   Quentin Richardson: 9.3 million.  He has been playing decent this year, but wasn’t worth the money.  His contract was part of a hot potato game this offseason, will he stay or will he go?

11.    Chris Bosh: 15.5 million.  He won't resign with the Raptors.  Now we have to see if the front office is smart enough to make a move and get some value for him.  Chicago, here is your chance.

Not included: LeBron, D-Wade, ect… 

The list is in no order, just numbered as I thought of them.


Posted on: December 9, 2008 5:43 pm

So Many Wins so Little Time

Another week finished and zero losses added to the loss column.  I don’t expect us to running through opponents the way we have been but it sure has been nice to watch.  Everyone is getting playing time and getting familiar with the style of play Coach Brown expects.

I am really excited with the playing time of our two young bigs, J.J. Hickson, and Darnell Jackson.  Many people disagree with me about the possible numbers that Hickson can put up so far he is showing that he can do many things on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.  He has swatted away numerous easy shots; following this he would run the floor for an easy dunk.  Darnell Jackson has showed that he can hit jump shots outside the pain.  They are still young and raw but the future looks promising for both of these guys.

Player of the Week:  I am going with Daniel Gibson this week.  He put up 13, 14, and 22 points last week.  He showed a huge improvement from his early shooting slump.  Maybe the 22 point game is going to get him going and he can continue this type of play.

Favorite LeBron moment:  I call this a team unity moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJMkx9uXnsc  Danny Granger fouls LeBron and Big Z comes and pushes Murphy.  Look at all the Cavs right there ready to back each other up.

Interesting Trend:  Blowing out opponents.  Yes they are inferior teams and should be taken out accordingly.  In the past the Cavs would have lost a game this last week and all the Cav haters would be saying they need to pick it up and not lose against such crappy opponents.  Instead we have people saying Cavs are beating crappy teams by 20 some points and it doesn’t matter.  I guess I would rather have the later then the former.

Upcoming Schedule: Now we are starting to get into a little bit of a rougher schedule.  It is about time.  Tuesday night we go against Toronto.  Their record doesn’t indicate the real skill they have.  It is a home game so I expect us to win by a decent margin.  Wednesday night we are at Philadelphia.  They are a young team who has something to prove and wouldn’t mind doing it against the Cavs. Friday night we host Philly; if we win Wednesday they will be looking for revenge, or vice versa.  Saturday night we are at Atlanta.  At first I was worried about this game and it being our fourth in five nights.  Then I looked at their schedule; they have the same schedule except their other 3 games are away.  They will be tired but looking to redeem themselves after losing against the Cavs earlier in the season.

I expect a loss this week.  I see Philly being able to pull one out if they bring their A game.  3-1 or 4-0 this week.

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